Medical Assisting

Assistant working in front desk with doctor

Perform clerical or clinical duties in a hospital, clinic, or a physician’s office.


A medical assistant performs clerical and/or clinical duties for physicians in their office or other medical settings. The purpose of this program is to prepare students to take the national certification exam for RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) offered by the American Medical Technologists.

Program Content:

The content includes but is not limited to communication, transcultural communication in healthcare, interpersonal skills, legal and ethical responsibilities, health-illness concepts, administrative and clinical duties, emergency procedures including CPR and first aid, emergency preparedness, safety and security procedures, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and employability skills.

The program should ensure that the experience and instruction of students are meaningful and parallel in content and concept with the material presented in lecture and laboratory sessions. Sites should be selected so that each student is afforded a variety of experiences, while at the same time all students are provided consistent learning opportunities. This experience provides an opportunity for students to utilize both administrative and clinical skills learned in the Medical Assistant classroom and clinical environment in a local clinic, physician’s office, or other health care facility.

Course’s Schedule:

D.A. Dorsey Technical CollegeMonday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.

Program Structure:

The entire program is 1300 hours. Students can earn a certificate at the completion of the following Occupational Completion Points (OCPs):

OCP ABasic Healthcare Worker90 Hours
OCP BIntroduction to Medical Assisting
Medical Office Procedures
250 Hours
75 Hours
OCP CPhlebotomist, MA75 Hours
OCP DEKG Aide, MA75 Hours
OCP EClinical Assisting
Pharmacology for Medical Assisting
Laboratory Procedures
Administrative Office Procedures
Practicum Experience
230 Hours
90 Hours
125 Hours
90 Hours
200 Hours
Total Hours: 1300

Career Opportunites:

  • Secretary
  • Medical Assistant
  • Physician Assistant


The average wage for this career in Florida is $16.31 hourly or $34,800 annually.

Contact Information at the Location:

Additional information can be provided by student services:

D.A. Dorsey Technical College
(305) 693-3143
Don Hylor Jr.mrhylor@dadeschools.netExt. 2172


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